Apply for Assistance

Our program gives qualified families money for expenses that are attributable to their cancer diagnosis. The goal of the program is to lessen the financial burden so families can focus on getting well.  We often help families with the following expenses and bills:

  • Prescription medications that insurance won’t cover

  • Travel costs for treatments

  • Mortgage payments/rent

  • And more

Our criteria:

  • Have been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Live in Pinellas County
  • Need assistance with expenses directly attributable to your cancer diagnosis
  • Assistance may be granted one time in 12-month period/2 times overall
  • Receiving treatment at any U.S. hospital or treatment center

If your family is looking for financial assistance and meets the criteria specified by The Hope Health & Sunshine Foundation, you’ll need to provide some information about yourself so we can begin the vetting process: