Snack Packs

Families have long days in the hospital – help them out by packing a snack bag they can take with them. We also offer snack bags to families who are staying at their child’s bedside in the hospital. Your group would provide pre-packaged items for the bags such as packages of crackers, bags of chips, fruit snacks, mints, nuts, etc (no gum please). Place snacks in easy-to-carry bags. You can include a picture or note of comfort. Notes should be uplifting such as: “You are my sunshine” “Love makes the world go around” etc. Please avoid messages such as “Get better soon”.

Toiletry Kits

 Some families come to us unexpectedly and need basic supplies. Pack up toiletry kits in clear bags that include the following items: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, deodorant & other travel-sized personal care items Those extra special items like slippers, sleep masks, and bath bombs really go the extra mile to make a family’s day.

Kids Activity Bags

These bags help parents get kids through their days in a joy-filled way. They could be based on an age range or have a little bit of everything in them. Ideas for bags: fidget spinners, coloring supplies, puzzles, stickers, on-the-go games, or I-spy. Please avoid edible items for these bags.